Monday, November 16, 2009

New Blog

As if I am not behind enough in my writing (that I actually get paid for) my bestest friend Allie has convinced me to obtain a blogger.

I am sitting on her floor, the last night in Texas before making my trip back to Chicago.

Always bitter sweet, I am sad to leave her, yet miss the little life I knitted for myself in the mid-west. Where no day is ever remotely the same, a new concert/work day/adventure each day/night which is something I can never complain about...well except when it leaves me sleep deprived.

My trip to Texas was brief yet needed and it came about because my wonderful, beautiful friend got married to a wonderful, handsome man. I have never been more happy and delighted for her. He is just amazing for her, she used to be a little uptight but he for sure loosens her up and brings out the best in her.
I am lucky enough to know them as a couple for years now and excited to further get to know them as a married couple.

It was a fun adventure this wedding which will have to wait for another time because my boo, her hubby and I are about to embark in a trip for some yummy dessert...even though we ate no dinner.

Life. Got to love it.