Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blame it on the pop. dance. rock n' roll.

So what the heck. people have some balls. someone actually messaged me this:

Hey beautiful. How are you? My name is Mike. I am 25. I am 6'2, italian, hockey player frame. italian, hung(9in), smart, funny, and sucessful. I know im forward, but I when I see something I want i get it. tell me about yourself? my number is 773-xxx-xxxx text/call me or email me back.

No. that is wrong on so many levels.

My neighbors had a party Sunday night. I ran into my landlords the next day randomly an d they are going to talk to them about it. I guess they told the landlords but there were about 20 people there and they were not aware it ran til 2am (maybe longer but I finally found my ear plugs at that time and fell asleep). Insane. It is Sunday, I have to wake up at 6am.

So 2 weeks ago on Thursday my friend and I went liquid lunch style on some sangria and then made a snow man.
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I forgot what we named him though.

So this amazing guy did a mash-up from the top 25 songs of 2009. It is flawless. Insanely flawless.

Watch it.

I have a date on Thursday with a guy that does animation/special effects in films/he teaches a class at DePaul also for special effects. I've also been talking to this lawyer, keeping options open.

I have decided I am going to do every thing in my power to make it to Jamaica for Tanya/Andy's wedding. I want to go so bad. My tax return is pretty decent so I can pay off a lot of my debt with that which means my now money I can start to save.

Where I write for (one of the 2 places) is annoying me.
Not a high point in my career that site, but they pay me a flat fee per article and I worked it out to where if I do 10 articles a week for an entire month(40 total) that is the majority of my rent money. Well I cannot get paid until my editor reads/changes things up a little/if he wants me to change some things send it back to me with critique/ready to go live. It has been taking 2 weeks to get my articles ready to go live by them.
It is not anything crazy I am writing and every thing has to be less than 700 what is the hold up. What really gets me is since I am a new writer they are only letting me do 5 articles at a time (I submit 5 and once even one gets approved then I can do another) At the rate this is going I am only going to have 20 articles done per month because of the waiting.

I was told once I get more established on there they will bump me up to 10 articles on hold so we will see. Im going to give it another month and see how it pans out.

On that note I need to write.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I broke another phone. This is phone number 3 I will be on in one year. I tend to drop it a lot. especially when I have been drinking, and we all know how often that is.

Planning things with my boo's sister is coming together and she is for sure 100 times more into it than I thought. I guess low expectations pay off sometimes.


I went to some album release party Monday night for this guy who is in Day 26. From P Diddy's making the band. He did a solo thing, it's pretty decent. The party...was not.
Let me just say, I am the indie/punk/maybe metal kind of girl. Not R&B/hip-hop writer. I felt out of my element. I did the best I could and there were some "celebrities" I spotted. Chicago Bull players, reality show people, radio dj's here, the band Day 26 got up and sang one of their songs. I did however fall in love with the MC. He was amazing and he twitted about my article so that was nice that he liked it. I guess he interns for Bad Boy (P Diddy's label) and now BAM he is running his own Celeb Open Mic Night in Chicago. I want that internship!

This weekend I am working merchandising and then interviewing Sick Puppies when they are here with Chevelle on Saturday. Not excited about this concert. Too clean cut for me. Give me dirty bands with dirty gritty guitar solos and bad ass drummers. Mainstream "rock" does not cut it for me, my blood is too thick for that droning.

Last but not least. Apparently I am way more top notch than I thought. This guy contacted me after 3 years of us not talking. Crazy. Who knew I was that memorable.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making it in America

Last night I went to this party HBO had for their new show 'How to Make it in America'.
I took my friend J as my plus one and the snow did not slow us down from going. We got about 10 inches total that day.

I always feel a bit out of place and , "What am I doing here" kind of thing going on when at events like that. J said he felt the same way because he has a ton of friends in the arts and music world in some form and always feels out of place when his friends take him to places like I did last night. Best quote ever, "I think most people at some point throughout the night think, how did I get here, I do not not belong....and if they don't well...they are self-centered douche bags."

The creme de la creme of Chicago's music industry was there, which is weird because it is a television show...but it was nice being and hanging out with old friends, people I interviewed, photographers, etc. The boys from The Plain White T's, The Academy Is...owners of Angels & Kings, radio dj's, pretty much if your band hit mainstream and was from Chicago and you are not on were there.

Free food and booze was amazing and it was at Violet Hour which is this swanky place I would NEVER be able to afford right now. The grilled shrimp was the best..soooo yummy. I had 3 drinks and was buzzed. Heavily buzzed. The drinks were straight up pure alcohol. As J said after he took his first sip, "Whoa! I guess they really want us to like this show".

Party gifts are my favorite, and we got glass that says the shows name and a flash drive. Sweet because I JUST lost my flash drive when I moved.


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Even if I don't feel like I belong there it is nice to be asked to go to places like that.

I just hope one day people don't realize I am a really shitty writer and the invites stop.