Thursday, March 25, 2010

These boys fall like Domino's

Ummm....Sunday was interesting to say the least.

Interviewed a band. My favorite part was when the singer asked me, "so do you need anything? water, beer, shot of Jameson?"

Concert was fun, the real fun was the after party.

Who does not love free beer and pizza plus hanging out with an amazing band?!

My little sister is a fan of the band I was hanging with and wanted a autograph so I got her one cause I am nice like that.

We drank, sang Oasis, butthole surfers, weezer until the lights came up at 210am.




Basically..this is what I do. Crazy. crazy fun but crazy this is my life.

Here is the band, they are amazing and are kind of naughty for smoking inside the club when it is no smoking anywhere in Chicago.

The Big Pink with Lily Allen singing their song 'Domino's'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I quit my job today.

Put in 2 weeks notice at 480.

Pure instinct and frustration but I have never felt better.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You're still burning off the angel on your face

Oh wait, oh wait, before I let you go
There's a thread or two still left between our souls
But you went messing with the gods and never fell away
You're still burning off the angel on your face
-BANG- -Empires-

Love that band. Love that song. I've seen them twice in concert and they are pretty amazing, especially the drummer. I have to write their review up tonight..hopefully.

So I made the mistake of getting Netflix. Did you know you can stream the movies(a lot) online instead of That's what I did all day today instead of writing.

I kept justifying it my head "well you typed up half that interview last night you were supposed to do today so since it is already half way done you can watch one more movie.."
yeah no bueno.

So not miss natalie has to work tonight. Oh well.

My neighbors...I swear I think they slam their front door on purpose to annoy me. It makes such a loud noise it wakes me up in the morning..startles me at night..ugh. annoying.

I have been cooking more and more. It feels good. I do not remember the last time my fridge/freezer has had so much food in it. I pick up a lot of take out or I grocery shop for the next couple of days not weeks.
I am set for the next 3 weeks thankfully.

Life. Life. Life.
Concerts. Concerts. Concerts.
If I play my cards right starting Sunday I will go to a show every night for 6 days.
That is a lot of interviews. A lot of show reviews. But a lot of amazing shows.. Plus more money for me when people read my stories so win win win! Right?! Or am I making myself believe that only to be utterly stressed out come Friday.

I already have one set in stone. I'm on the guest list to see the lovely Imelda May and talented mister Jamie Cullum Monday night. I interviewed her last year and since then she performed on the Grammy's with Jeff Beck in the Les Paul tribute..she was stunning. Well if you read my column you would know that because I wrote a story about it.

That's it I am out to write! And NOT watch Lost..right..right.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reach the City Steps Tonight.

Today's agenda:

Eat lunch at Kuma's (metal restaurant where all the burgers are named after metal bands)
Go get my picture taken with Oscar...The one that will be handed out Sunday night to Best Actor. It is in Chicago until Tomorrow.

Write. I have 4 deadlines tomorrow so that kind of needs to be done in my life.

Have a girls day with Julz and Erin which is getting tattoo's and lunch. Because clearly we do not have enough already. My friends are hardcore and I love it.

Yeah my life..I tell ya. It is rough.

Monday, March 1, 2010

"Let's Rage"

This weekend was intense. Raged like I was 21 again. I got about 7 hours of sleep from friday-sunday. Then for some reason Sunday night could not fall asleep until 230am.

Where to start. Thursday I had that date. He took me out for a sushi lunch then he took me to the University he teaches a class at (movie special effects/animation class) and I got animated.
Now what does that entail...I got into this black suit and had "markers" of my key joints stuck on me and stood in this black floor to ceiling part of the room where cameras were all around and I did random things. Cartwheels, handstands, pretended I was a Charlie Angel, etc.
Then looking at it on the computer I was this 3-D stick figure of sorts and then he had his class turn me into a 3-D girl that evening. Super fun.

Saturday concert. Alkaline Trio. Cursive. The Dear & Departed were in town. If you don't know who they are..well..that is okay I guess. But they are kind of a big deal here...It sold out(both shows) really fast here and I did not get tickets in time.
The day of the show my friend J said her cousin flaked out on here and said I could just have her ticket. BUT alas I did not need it. The bands tour manager ended up coming outside and walking me right past security back stage.
Good thing for her because she sold her extra ticket for 60 bucks outside of the venue. Here is how she said it went down:
She went up to a lady just standing there and asked her if she wanted a ticket,

the lady asked how much, J said, "I don't know 30"
lady: "How about 40?"
J: "Umm okay thats fine"
lady: "Well Im going to give you 60"

CLEARLY she just wanted to go to the show. Insane.

Poor poor Dan was sick sick sick. He was still fun to talk with though. He is a singer and on the TLC show "LA Ink". He is a tattoo artist on the show. We talked about Oasis and how he likes them, and guess who has Oasis lyrics tattooed on them..ME. So I showed him and he loved it. Said it was a really "rad" tattoo.

This is me and Dan Smith. He is adorable and sweet, but I think his London accent is what makes him seem sweet...

The show was killer. I loved every minute of it. The beer being spilled on me, me spilling it on myself, the music, being pushed, being called a slut by some random drunk guy in the crowd(really..yeah right.)

It was a late show, it ended at like 1230am. Then the Cursive after party...oh man. free beer and pizza. count me in!
Needless to say..I crawled into bed around the same clothes...woke up at 520am for work at 6am.
Needless to say..I went to work in the same clothes I went out in + last nights make-up.
Visual Merchandised the crap out of dress shop. Something about that little bit of sleep + coffee made me wired.

I have a ton of writing to catch up on, but I slept all day long. Something about a 4 hour nap from 1-5pm was needed in my life.