Thursday, February 18, 2010


I broke another phone. This is phone number 3 I will be on in one year. I tend to drop it a lot. especially when I have been drinking, and we all know how often that is.

Planning things with my boo's sister is coming together and she is for sure 100 times more into it than I thought. I guess low expectations pay off sometimes.


I went to some album release party Monday night for this guy who is in Day 26. From P Diddy's making the band. He did a solo thing, it's pretty decent. The party...was not.
Let me just say, I am the indie/punk/maybe metal kind of girl. Not R&B/hip-hop writer. I felt out of my element. I did the best I could and there were some "celebrities" I spotted. Chicago Bull players, reality show people, radio dj's here, the band Day 26 got up and sang one of their songs. I did however fall in love with the MC. He was amazing and he twitted about my article so that was nice that he liked it. I guess he interns for Bad Boy (P Diddy's label) and now BAM he is running his own Celeb Open Mic Night in Chicago. I want that internship!

This weekend I am working merchandising and then interviewing Sick Puppies when they are here with Chevelle on Saturday. Not excited about this concert. Too clean cut for me. Give me dirty bands with dirty gritty guitar solos and bad ass drummers. Mainstream "rock" does not cut it for me, my blood is too thick for that droning.

Last but not least. Apparently I am way more top notch than I thought. This guy contacted me after 3 years of us not talking. Crazy. Who knew I was that memorable.


Erin said...

Just saying hey! I hope you have a great weekend!