Sunday, December 13, 2009

If it's true then tell me how it got this way...

One thing that stays consistent in my life is my love for music.

Hello I do make money off of writing about it so I better like it.

Where did my love for music come from...Don't know. But it is there.

I don't always love the bands with the best singers, or beats, or hooks, but I have always loved the bands in which the lyrics touched me the most.

I don't listen to the radio, ever....It is not some defiant action either, my life just works out to where I do not have to/never have an opportunity too.
I live in a city where I do not have/do not need a car. I take the EL train everywhere and listen to my MP3 player. Maybe one out of every 7 friends I have has a car here and we rarely take it.

My point to all this is, because I swear i have one is, I like music because I like it, not because it is being shoved down my throat by mainstream.

So I am surprised when a band I have loved for years upon years suddenly becomes big. Cobra Starship. When did this happen?! AND WHY.

Their last album is by far their worse, only 3 songs on the whole album is listenable yet they have become a staple with "Good Girls Go Bad" and with naming their title "Hot Mess".
I have been using that phrase since 2004 so do not act like you coined it.
No one really "coins a term" they have all been floating around for years upon years.

Okay now I am done ranting.

I pick my music for the day based on my mood and what lyrics I am "feeling" at the time. So if you know what I am listening too you can pretty much get into my head and know what thoughts are creeping through my brain during that day.

I am a simple girl that seems complicated.

You gotta swim
Swim for your life
Swim for the music that saves you
When you're not so sure you'll survive
You gotta swim
And swim when it hurts
The whole world is watching
You haven't come this far to fall off the earth

-Andrew McMahon