Thursday, December 17, 2009

Music Top List

After attempting to count it up I went to between 60-70 concerts this year.
2010 I am going to try and break 100.

Top 5 concerts:

5. Ok Go
That was insane last minute concert I got added to the guest list and I am glad I went too. The boys were just touring to tour this past summer before their new album comes out.

4. Ten out of Tenn
Ten artists from Tenn that performed together. It was just amazing to see so many talented people on one stage. They would rotate the singer and the singer would play one of their songs while everyone else did backings(vocal or instrumental).

3. Taking Back Sunday/Anberlin/fun.
All 3 of these bands are just insanely good. TBS set was solid mixture of older and newer material. Anberlin is just wow, amazing and fun. is just fun!

2. Brand New/Manchester Orchestra
Love this band since I was 17 and wow they did not disappoint. Insanity and I straight listened to their new album/older stuff for at least a month after the show.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Pure amazing. First time seeing them live and if I was not on the guest list, wow I would have paid money for it. When they come back here next year I will for sure go see them again even if it is not for work. Karen O has this energy that I want in my life.

Top 5 Interviews:

Some were just downright funny, some were just with artists I admire as musicians but this is a good mix.

5. Imelda May
This Irish sensation was classy, beautiful, and a bit hard to understand through her thick Irish accent. It was her first time coming overseas and wow was she amazing live. She is HUGE in Ireland/UK and her show in Chicago was jam packed. She is true Rockabilly from her clothes/make-up to musical stylings. She was insanely nice and her performance was straight solid.

4. Caroline from Chairlift
Calm, collected, New York Caroline. We walked around the city in the rain trying to find a coffee shop and ended up eating at a little hole in the wall Japanese restaurant before their sold out show. Not only was the interview good and she was really open but we talked for about an hour off record about life, fashion, men, etc. She was extremely interested in me and gave me pointers about moving my career from writing to Public Relations. 2009 for her band consisted of their song on the iPod nano commercial, opening up for Phoenix and then The Killers and an MTV video award nomination. Expect even bigger things come 2010.

3. Andrew from Miike Snow
Hands down if you have not heard of the band Miike Snow, please go listen to them! In 2009 they are by far my favorite discovery music wise. Andrew was just a doll and not what I expected(if you have seen his picture he is a bit ruff looking). Their music is new yet being received amazingly. They had 2 sold out Chicago dates and played Lolla.

2. The Almost
Last minute interview/concert. They came here with The Used and I interviewed 4 out of the 5 band members. They were just so funny/sarcastic. The way these boys bounced off each other was any writers dream. My story also got picked up by another publication which was pretty darn sweet!

1. The Fall Of Troy
Just flat out the funnest interview I did all year. Not to mention the most candid. It was no holds bar with these boys and they had no shame telling me things they most likely should not have! They also put on an amazing show opening up for Thursday.

There it is, top 5. Maybe I should have done a top 10 because now more and more interviews/concerts that are noteworthy are streaming back into my brain. Maybe next time Ill do 11-20.


Erin said...

I had no idea you had moved to Chicago or what you were doing! Allie should have updated me! :) I'm glad to have access to your blog now though and am hoping to learn about some new music I should check out. Heaven knows I'm not up to date on any of it!

allie-mac-fallie said...

First of all I am so proud of you for actually updating (and im sorry I didnt keep erin posted on you- oops!) ha! Sad to say chase introduced me to Yeah Yeah Yeahs... so they sorta give me a bitter taste but yes i do enjoy their music. also, what was that song that you had me listen to here that was a remake of a rap song (it was by some girl.... HELP me out here) I remembered I loved it and now Im craving to hear it. thanks boo!
OH and I am glad that you got your comments fixed :) YAAAAAAAAAY!

Julie said...

I'm closing out the year with a total of 60 shows. It'd be crazy to go to 100 shows in a year... is that possible? i have a list of stuff I wanna go to next year already... haha

Sing Me Anything said...

Erin-It pays not so amazing(i have 2 jobs) but I love it and get free tickets to almost any concert I want :)

Boo- It is the TI song "Whatever you like" Anya Marina. Maybe if you had my music column bookmarked you would know cause I wrote a story on it!

Julie-Oh I will reach 100....A lot of times I go and watch only a couple of songs and bounce, but I still count it. I have about 7 show just at the beg. of Jan I want to go too. If I do 7-8 shows a month I can hit 100. There was that one crazy week I did 4 to 5 concerts in just one week.